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Über mich

TALISMAN JEWELRY – handmade in Berlin



After studying art, education and graphic design as a major and working as a teacher for a while i decided to turn making jewelry into a real profession.

I design, make and sell jewelry since 2011.


TALISMAN JEWELRY – a combination of my intials TASJA and the girl LISA i started making jewelry with – means lucky charm jewelry and is supposed to bring luck to you.



online through my Online Store


in our popup store KREUZBERG BUYERS CLUB in Berlin, Kreuzberg/Neukölln, Friedelstrasse 28, 12047 Berlin

(October-February each year)


and at these events / markets:


Landpartie Schloss Bückeburg



Weihnachtszauber Schloss Bückeburg



Zeltfestival Ruhr



My design could be described as sensual, dreamy and playful and is inspired by my journeys since i love to travel the world.


I hope TALISMAN JEWELRY makes you as happy as me and might even help you finding luck, peace and happiness in your life :)


Yours Tasja



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